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Family Travel Kits .com is a business that knows about travelling. In fact, our first officer’s planning meeting kicked off at the beginning of a 10 hour road trip – one of several that we made during that season. While crisscrossing the United States with our three young children, we had several opportunities to practice the “family road trip.” We figured out what most parents know – the secret travelling with children is keeping them occupied, happy, and safe.

We set out to create the most enjoyable experience for our children by providing inexpensive and interesting activities for the trip. Rather than keep them plugged into the DVD player, we decided that children should have a variety of activities. In our “snack bag,” we included a drink, light snack, a couple of toys, crayons/etc. Everything was in a bag that was within easy reach of our children – giving them the independence and responsibility over their activities.

In one of our family vacations, we decided to fly to vacation in Florida. It was a wonderful trip, thanks to a little planning. We purchased the CARES Child Safety Restraint for our children – keeping them safe and secure in their plane seat. Since we had the child headphones and some kids’ movies on our laptop we were all set. Over time we have figured out a few other safety, convenience, and entertainment items to make airplane travelling even better.

The great idea for the company was born on one particular road trip. Our family was once again making the 10 hour cross-country drive, and planning our next family vacation. We were going to DRIVE from Dallas to Orlando (yes… 27 hours, not including potty stops or meals) with our three young children (all under 6 years old). Most parents would cringe. But we were thrilled because we knew we had all the items needed for a successful trip. It was then we realized that we could offer parents the same great experience.

We set out to create the best product bundles available for a parent travelling with children. Rather than go to 8 or 12 different retailers - often paying big-box store prices or online shipping costs from multiple places - we wanted to put everything together for one easy shopping experience.

Our website has products from over 20 suppliers, each product chosen for convenience, safety, and entertainment while travelling. We hope you enjoy our Family Travel Kits, and look forward to hearing from you about your experience.