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Our Kits

Each item in our family travel kits has been carefully selected based on safety, convenience, and entertainment. Our kits are customized based on age, mode of transportation, and/or destination. Typically each kit has a bag of goodies (snacks, toys, etc) for the child and a few essential items for the parent to use on the trip. For several of the product bundles, we offer choices to let you customize your kit. All kits are built-to-order and handled with care.

black-bag-sm.jpgThe Family Travel Kit is a bundle of products recommended by our company for each type of trip. We have done a lot of research and product comparison to select the products in our kits. Of course, even when we feel we have the perfect kit, someone shares a great idea that we hadn’t seen before. We are always on the lookout for products and ideas to make travelling with children as enjoyable as possible.

Could you get all these items on your own? Sure! But you would spend more money and a lot more time. We have purchased most of the products at wholesale prices directly from the manufacturer. This allows us to keep the price lower than retail pricing you might find at a big box retail chain. We have also obtained products from vendors not traditionally carried in “baby stores.”  We believe our kits have a unique mix of travel related products.

Various kits to meet your budget and travel needs. Of course our ultimate kit has the most comprehensive bundle of products for your next trip. But we also offer a variety of kits starting with just the “essentials” bundle for the most cost effective bundle of products.

How to customize your kit

We have included all the products from our Family Travel Kits as separate products, so you can custom build your own product bundle. Parents find this very helpful if they want to order a Family Travel Kit and then add a few extra products to our bundle. You can also build your own product bundle from scratch and our order fulfillment department will put it together for you. Coming soon, we will provide a tool to walk you through each product option and help you build your very own family travel kit.

The products

So many great products are out there, and we couldn’t include them all in our bundled kits. But we have made them available for purchase separately through this website. As we add vendors, we try to select the most useful safety, convenience, and entertainment products to list on our website. If there is something missing or you have a great idea for a product bundle, please contact us. We are always improving our online store based on your feedback.